American Made Cut and Sew Manufacturers

Michigan Garment District sews clothing and textiles

Our customer is the fashion designer.  We alter lives by altering materials into garments. We are a for-profit social enterprise. Our model has two benefits.

  • Our company’s goal is to create local jobs.  But until we have a commercial space, this goal is on hold. In the meantime, we are growing our client base.
  • We offer low-minimum, Michigan-based apparel manufacturing, on a contract basis, to fashion designers.  Do you have patterns?  Have you sourced your fabrics?  Who are you selling to?

What do we, MGD, want to sew?

Not Childrens’ Wear, not technical goods, not inexpensive garments.  Think upscale and aspirational. Please research your product, check out Jane Hamill of Macy’s Fashion Incubator and at, Frances Harder of FBI,, and Kathleen Fansanella of Fashion Incubator

let’s discuss your cut and sew project, our social enterprise, or any collaborations:

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